Welcome SCC Community!

Spring Semester 2008 may only be three weeks old, but several thousand students have already passed through the LRC gates in search of student ID cards, textbooks, computers, and assistance with a wide range of inquiries, from supplementary reading lists to eservices. Admissions and records staff pitched in at the reference desk to help with eservices questions the first week of school. Financial Aid staff are also assisting; students will find them in B153 on Wednesdays from 12:00 to 2:00. Students come to the LRC for just about everything, it seems.

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3 Responses to Welcome SCC Community!

  1. Shawn Ledet says:

    I think the LRC has become THE place to get information on campus, which is a wonderful thing. We try to help with whatever questions students have regardless of whether it has anything to do with the LRC itself. I think that the matriculation process is very confusing for students and any help we can give them will not only retain them in school, but also help them succeed. It is a very good idea for Admission to help out with E-services on the second floor. I would love to see that expand and have the the first floor lobby become a Campus wide informational center which would be Staffed with A library staff person as well as a Student services staff person. We could also have special guests staff from the various programs on campus come for a day to aid students and give out information about their programs, which we could advertise on the quad for student to come to. We could continually aid in updating library cards, answering various questions, providing information and handouts for all programs on campus, aiding in the matriculation process, and much more.

  2. Rob Knable says:

    Thank you for creating this; it’s a great idea. I will let my students know about it.

  3. Nicholas Miller says:

    Thanks for the great orientation last Thursday, Mary Ann! My students and I learned a lot! I encourage others to take advantage of the great opportunities and services the LRC has to offer. –Nich Miller

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