How to get your students into the library

Did you know you have several choices for getting your students oriented to the library and library research?

  • Send your students to the library on their own time for a 50-minute workshop. “Proof of Attendance” provided.
  • Bring your class in for an orientation customized to a particular assignment.
  • Assign the online tutorial to your students that teaches how to evaluate internet sources, use academic Subject Directories and more:

Click on this link to learn more and to schedule an orientation. Timeslots are filling up!


2 Responses to How to get your students into the library

  1. Pat Henshaw says:

    I’ve assigned the library visits for LOIS and the databases to my EngWR300 class, but still am not sure what kind of “proof of attendance” they’ll receive. Is this something that will be emailed to me? Or is it something they will hand deliver to me? Since I’m offering the visits as extra credit, I’d like the proof to be as tamper-proof as possible. By the way, I’m hoping this will solve my extra credit dilemma by giving them something worthwhile to do for the credit instead of the usual busy work that I’ve given in the past.


  2. Stephanie McDonald says:

    The students receive a yellow hard copy slip that identifies which Drop-in workshop they attended. It is dated and signed by a librarian. We keep the white copy for our records.

    I have sent out a copy of this form by broadcast email to all faculty, but if you are not on the exchange, it’s possible you didn’t see it.

    If you like, I can mail it to you personally.


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