The Encyclopedia of Life and The Visible Body debut

When it’s finished in about 10 years, the online Encyclopedia of Life will catalog all of the known species on earth, eventually even microscopic life. The first part of this ambitious project was published on the web on Feb. 27. Anticipation and excitement were so high that the site was overwhelmed by users, but by the time you read this, it should be back online. (If the site is down, you can read about it while you wait.)

The Encyclopedia of Life will provide unparalleled access to constantly updated information on biodiversity, aiding research into the impacts on species of global climate change, as well as studies in related fields. And, science folks, you can contribute!

Delta Smelt

You might like The Visible Body, too. It’s brand new—launched just today. Billed as “the most comprehensive human body visualization tool,” The Visible Body lets users locate bones and organs by typing their names, or learn their names by clicking on a model, as well as rotate the model and zoom in on every tooth and vertebrae. Registration is free. (We’ll be showing these sites to your students, so watch for them in a research paper.)


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