Celebrate National Library Week

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National Library Week, sponsored by the American Library Association, celebrates the contributions of all types of libraries and promotes library use. This year marks the 50th celebration of National Library Week.

SCC Library Facts

  • Since August 2007, the library has added 3004 books to the collection.
  • Since the beginning of the school year, librarians have answered 13,267 reference questions, provided directions 3,240 times, and resolved 2,516 copier, printer and computer issues.
  • During Fall 2007 the librarians taught 103 instruction sessions attended by 2,252 students.
  • From July, 2007 through March, 2008, reserve books were used 40,550 times and circulating books logged 22,879 checkouts (and the semester isn’t over!)


Come together at your library

  • Borrow a book (we have over 72,000 of them!)
  • Search one of 40 databases to find a magazine article (on National Library Week?)
  • Thank your circulation staff
  • Read a magazine
  • Use the Internet
  • “Borrow” a group study room
  • Ask a librarian!

One Response to Celebrate National Library Week

  1. Pat Henshaw says:

    Thank you, circulation staff and librarians! SCC revolves around your helpfulness and kindness.


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