Earth Day on the Web

You really should get outside.  The weather is going to be beautiful and Tuesday is Earth Day, for pete’s sake.  But you’re stuck indoors, hard at work, so how about just an Earth Ten Minutes?  That’s all it takes to pop into these winning websites:

Redefining Progress has a new Ecological Footprint Quiz with results that will surprise you.

Or try Low Impact Living for “the low down on living green” and your home’s environmental impact.

The National Resources Defense Council informs on global warming, environmental pollutants, ocean revitalization, and guidance for activists.

We Can Do It!

Skin Deep, from the Environmental Working Group, rates hazards to your health and the environment of 30,000 products, from deodorant to bubble bath.

Sierra Club videos will show you how to install a low-flow showerhead or wrap up your water heater.

Share your ideas with others on the World Wildlife Fund blog – or here!


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  1. Happy Earth Day 🙂

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