Library Staff Selections for Your Reading Pleasure

If you believe people who work in a library ought to know what to read, this post is for you.


Heather Bratt: I’m listening to Gregory Maguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West on CD. It’s a biography of Dorothy’s Wizard of OZ nemesis.

The Rest is Just NoiseJeff Karlsen: I’m currently reading Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century. I’m still in the first section (1900-33), but really enjoy how it combines cultural history, biographical narrative and descriptions of individual pieces of music – many of which I’ve never heard, and now want to.

Debra Nixon: I was disappointed in the movie There Will Be Blood because the book it was based on, Oil by Upton Sinclair, is so much better. The book focused more on the son and did not portray the father as evil or money hungry.

Catherine Murrillo: Perfume: The Story of a Murder by Patrick Suskind is about a young man with a highly developed sense of smell. Obsessed with capturing the perfect sent, he turns to murder. And Pregnancy & Birth: Your Questions Answered by Christoph Lees is a good resource for first time moms.Teh Known World

Claudia McEnerney: The Known World by Edward Jones is a story about African American slave owners. African American men owning African American slaves is not a concept I ever thought about, but is a fact of United States history.

Rhonda Rios Kravitz: Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald follows four generations of a family. It was an Oprah’s Book Club book.


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