Unloading your books—Responsibly

From time to time, you might get an e-mail like this one:

Dear Professor,

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.

I buy and sell textbooks from professors such as yourself.  I sell these books on the used market.

If you have some books you would like to sell, please let me know your availability next week.  That’s the week of October 6th.  If you have any availability on Monday and Tuesday that would be great.

Now, you have the right to sell your own books, whether to senders of unsolicited e-mail, bookstores, or eBay.  But if you are looking to unload textbooks, you can do so in a way that directly benefits students:

  • You can donate desk copies of current SCC textbooks to RISE (located in AJ 7) and to the SCC library reserve collection.  Students use these textbooks to stay in school.
  • You can donate recent (non-current) textbooks on SCC curriculum topics to RISE.
  • You can donate non-current textbooks to the SCC library.  Books that are not added to the collection benefit students through the library book sale.  (Please call 558-2377 before donating materials.)

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