Welcome Back!

Has it only been 2 weeks!  The news so far in this New Year could fill a book.  We won’t go into it – you’ve had enough – except to say that it would be cataloged in Mysteries and Tales of Woe (Non-Fiction).

Undaunted, we sally forth, library services intact and ready for action:

LRC hours and library phone numbers are on the Library homepage.  Or hit the Library Help button on the homepage.  We have email reference assistance, too.   Call, visit, email – we’re here to help.

Library Help link

Bring your students to the library for 50 minutes of customized instruction on the topics of your choice, or send them to the reference desk to sign up for an extra credit session (“drop-in”), to be attended on their own time. 

LOIS, the library catalog, finds books, ebooks, and media by author, title, keyword, course number, and more.  The databases are loaded with high quality full text articles from many thousands of journals, magazines, and newspapers.  Activate your employee ID card as a library card and you’ll be able to read 10,000 ebooks and about a million full text articles from your home computer.

New Library Display:  Books and visuals celebrating Black History Month feature African American Firsts in Politics and posters full of congratulations for the Obamas from SCC students.

Updated public computers and faster connections, brought to you by Computer Services, on the first and second floors.

There’s more:  Watch The Reader for upcoming news on services to the Centers, a hot new library widget, and so much more.


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