Start your searches with our new widget

The library has developed a new tool: a “widget” that allows you to start searching the library catalog and a few of our subscription databases without going to the library home page first.

If you enter keywords into the search boxes and click “Search,” you’ll be taken directly to a page of results.

If you are an instructor using the new Desire2Learn courseware, when you create a new course you’ll see this widget on the home page. If you already have a course and don’t see it, you can add the widget to your home page. For more information on using the widget, including the code you’ll need to embed it elsewhere, go to its home page.

Does this seem like a useful tool to you? Would you like to see more tools like it? Do you have suggestions or other feedback? Let us know!


One Response to Start your searches with our new widget

  1. […] but thanks to some simple code Twitter provides, our latest tweets will also appear on our library search widget, which is featured on SCC Desire2Learn course sites; they may pop up elsewhere in the future as […]

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