Library Databases = Millions of Published Articles

“Who’s winning the war in Afghanistan?”

“I need some articles about prenatal care – in nursing journals.”

“Can you help me find an article about getting a job in the green economy?”

You bet!  The SCC Library still has magazines, journals, and newspapers on the shelves, but that collection doesn’t compare to the thousands of periodicals and millions of articles available in the Library Databases.

You and your students can find newspaper, magazine, and journal articles on just about any topic, from any computer, at any time.  Database searching involves a few more steps than Google, but the payoff is an altogether more reliable source of published information. 

Send your students to a drop in library orientation, or bring your class to a customized orientation for step by step instruction.  Or just call, email, IM, or stop by the library reference desk with your questions. 

You can now log into the databases from off-campus using your unified password.

A few articles we found… 

Losing Afghanistan?  Economist, 8/22/2009, Vol. 392 Issue 8645, p9-9, 1p, 1 color.  (Database = Academic Search Premier)

Winning the Good War.  Bergen, Peter. Washington Monthly, Jul/Aug2009, Vol. 41 Issue 7/8, p49-54, 6p.  (Database = Academic Search Premier)

Prenatal care among women struggling with poverty or homelessness.  Semenyna ML; Lane A; Alberta RN, 2006 Sep; 62 (7): 16-7.  (Database = CINAHL Plus with Full Text)

The Economics of ‘Green.’  By: Hallinan, Eric R.. Reeves Journal: Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Jun2009, Vol. 89 Issue 6, p16-18, 3p.  (Database = Vocational & Career Collection)


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