Why (and where) we’re Twittering

The SCC Library recently started up a Twitter account, which we’re using to post quick notes about new and ongoing services, upcoming events, and online resources we notice that might help students do their research. Why Twitter?

(NOTE: if you’re already suffering from information overload, you might want to skip this one.)

Unless you’ve been hiding somewhere, you’ve likely noticed Twitter’s growing popularity. Once primarily a tool for purely social networking, it is now used by news organizations (CNN, NPR), academics (Henry Jenkins, Slavoj Zizek), politicians (Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger), nonprofits (Community College League of California), writers (Neil Gaiman, Susan Orlean), and others to broadcast their activities and interact with their larger community. While the brevity of an individual “tweet”–140 characters maximum!–might be a symptom of our society’s ever-decreasing attention span, it also recognizes that sometimes a headline is all you need from us. Want to know more? We’ll usually include a link for further information.

In addition to its network, Twitter gives us a variety of ways to put out our messages. We welcome you to follow us on Twitter if you use it (which you can access via the Web or any number of applications), but thanks to some simple code Twitter provides, our latest tweets will also appear on our library search widget, which is featured on SCC Desire2Learn course sites; they may pop up elsewhere in the future as well.

Let us know what you think! If you haven’t started with Twitter and are curious to know more, here are a few things to look at:


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  1. Martha Goff says:

    This was an interesting and useful message about using Twitter. Thanks!

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