New MLA Works Cited Rules

New MLA Handbook

New MLA Handbook

At the end of 2008, the Modern Language Association updated the rules for works cited lists, and in 2009 the new MLA handbook was published.

Major changes include:

  • no URLs in Internet listings
  • the inclusion of media type in all listings

Purdue’s OWL website lists additional noteworthy changes as well as sample entries.

If you would like your students to use the new, easier rules, have them drop by the library and pick up handouts giving examples of the new rules for print and Internet sources.  Students and faculty can access an overview of MLA citation style as well as examples of the new rules for in-text citation and media and other sources on the SCC library web site.  (The library has an array of handouts on many research topics.)

The library has a few general English writing handbooks which include the new rules and which can be checked out for two hours at the circulation desk.


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