It’s Raining Textbooks

It’s January 2010 in Sacramento and the rain is relentless.  At SCC the parking lot is jammed, hallways are crammed, and the quad is a jar of mud jelly.  Up in the library the staff is spinning, the copiers are  smoking, queues of sleepy students curl among the pillars, and every table is host to a damp mob.  Reserve textbooks hurtle from shelf to student to bin, hundreds of hits per hour.  Here and there in a rare quiet corner, Yolanda and Ely and Portia are weaving her first speech presentation, his reading project, her math homework.  Free from the December doghouse, day four of the new semester sits up and wags its tail.

Welcome back!



2 Responses to It’s Raining Textbooks

  1. Nancy Olsen says:

    Lovely poetry on a wet Monday morning: thank you!

  2. Martha Goff says:

    That’s great, I loved the vivid and witty way this post was written.

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