LexisNexis Academic and Ebsco changes coming soon

Though it’s one of our most important databases for its newspaper, business, and legal content, LexisNexis Academic has never scored high in user-friendliness. We’ll be seeing a new and, in my view, vastly improved version starting August 7. LNA’s last redesign drew a lot of criticism, but this time they’ve made some strides, and while finding articles is still not quite intuitive, at least you get more help on the start page. Choosing a particular newspaper to search, for instance, which used to require about 5 clicks, is now a breeze.

Chronicle of Higher Education on Easy Search Screen

New start screen suggests sources as you type

You can actually preview the new version now; after August 7, the links from our databases page will go there automatically and the current version will no longer be accessible.

Meanwhile, Ebsco, which provides many of our databases, is rolling out a few less significant changes. Most notably, the helpful “limit to full-text” checkbox and date slider displayed on the search results page are moving from the right-hand column to the left. Users of CINAHL and MEDLINE will also see some changes in the way subject headings are displayed. When exactly will these changes occur? As Ebsco put it, “soon.”


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