Are You Using E-Reserves?

E-Reserves are a means for instructors to give students access to electronic documents such as lecture notes, exams, assignments and articles or chapters.  Students search for E-Reserves the same way they search for print reserves in LOIS, the library catalog.  E-Reserves show a location of “SCC E-Reserves Online.”

Why do students love E-Reserves?

  • E-Reserves can be accessed anywhere through LOIS— at the library, at home, or on a phone!  (ID number and eservices password required.)
  • E-Reserves can be accessed again and again–never worry about losing the assignment sheet.
  • E-Reserves can be accessed when the library is closed–students often study late at night and on the weekend when the library is closed.

Why do instructors love E-Reserves?

  • E-Reserves save time–no need to print or photocopy many pages.
  • E-Reserves make students responsible–there’s no excuse for not having course documents.
  • E-Reserves help students succeed by making your course content more readily available.

Ready to use E-Reserves?

Information for faculty about using E-Reserves

Request to place material on E-Reserves

ereserves for Chemisty class


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