SCC’s Library and Information Technology Program

Submitted by Lois Deatherage, SCC Library Tech student:

SCC is a great place to get started in a career in library science.  The classes are very useful to anyone who is currently working a library setting or would like to pursue an entry level job in that field.  As a graduating student of the program this semester, I can’t say enough about the wonderful instructors and the content of the classes they teach.

If you are curious about how a library functions on a daily basis and would like to learn more about how catalog records are kept and created, the operations and cataloging classes here will be invaluable to you.  They are worth their weight in gold.  In the reference class you will explore books and materials that you never thought existed.  You will understand how to help a patron with reference questions and gain confidence with that skill.

SCC Library Reference Area

The program also incorporates lots of technology.  You will learn about electronic resources and how libraries share records and materials with each other.  The internet searching skills class is very valuable.  In this class you will explore the internet and learn to tell the difference between good information and not so good. You will also learn some very cool searching techniques that will help you sift through information quickly to get the results you want.

Looking back at my very first class, I remember studying how paper was made.  That was quite a few semesters ago, but everything I have learned has stayed with me.  I feel so passionate about the program and libraries in general.  This semester I was fortunate to work at the reference desk at the college with some of the best librarians around.  We are so lucky to have the instructors we have.  Most have worked in libraries within a variety of setting and don’t hesitate to share their many fun stories.  That keeps the classes interesting and fun.  I do want to say that for me the networking is what I will miss most. I have noticed that people who like libraries are always fun and interesting.  I have met so many great people in this program and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I totally recommend it to you.


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