Library Snapshot Day Results

Librarian, Sandy Warmington teaching a Library Orientation Session

The Sac City Library joined Libraries across California and the nation to gather a snapshot of library usage on Wednesday, October 6th.

We found that 3,620 people walked through the doors of the LRC. 557 people visited our Library website. We checked out 1,659 items, of which 554 of them were reserve textbooks. Our users accessed the Research Databases 315 times and 440 documents were retrieved. We answered 126 questions at the Reference Desk. 539 people logged on to LRC computers and another 501 used their own laptop or notebook in the Library (2nd and 3rd floors). We gave three Library Orientations on the 6th, attended by 78 students. And finally 84 students used our Study Rooms.

Overall we had 8,033 uses of the Sacramento City College Library on Snapshot Day. We make a difference!

For more information, contact your local library or visit the CLA Snapshot Day page (results available after December 15th, 2010).


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