SCC Faculty: Save Your Students!

Students need these two types of library materials:

Reserve textbooks. Students borrow textbooks and course materials hundreds of times per day (8,323 times in March!)  You can help keep the reserve textbook collection up to date by donating your Summer and Fall 2011 textbooks now. Bring these textbooks to the library circulation desk on the second floor of the LRC.  Email Yolanda Escobar with your questions.

Books and DVDs that you would like the library to purchase for the general collection (not reserve textbooks). Students borrowed general library books 4,548 times and media 948 times in March!  You can help students find books and media on the topics you assign.  Email your department’s librarian now with your suggestions for curriculum-related books and media to add to the general collection.  You can donate these materials, too.

All of your book and media donations help stretch library funds.

(See the library catalog, LOIS, for books and media currently in the library collection.)Student doing homework


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