Library Snapshot Day 2011

On Tuesday, October 4th the SCC library participated in the nationwide Library Snapshot Day sponsored by the American Library Association and the California Library Association.  This year we counted library usage in several categories .

In just one day:

  • 3706 students walked through the LRC doors
  • 425 students visited the library home page
  • 578 books checked out
  • 83 E-Reserves retrieved via the library catalog, LOIS
  • 295 research database searchers downloaded 601 full text articles
  • 206 questions answered at the Reference Desk
  • 4 questions answered via Instant Message
  • 1008 students logged in to library computers
  • 715 students used their own laptop or tablet
  • 73 students studied in 4 library study rooms

If you are interested in the California state wide results from 2010 visit the California State Snapshot Flyer.

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