PILOT ~ A Tool for Student Success

Do you remember your first college research paper?  The anxiety?  The elusive topic that refused to be pinned down?  The endless hours you spent in the library hunting for relevant information? 

Anxious students

Your students are in the thick of it.  And the world of information that surrounds your students is much more complex than when you were in college.  That’s why the SCC library created PILOT.

PILOT (Path to Information Literacy Online Tutorial) is an online library tutorial that helps students learn the information literacy skills critical to their success.  Topics include:

  • choosing research topics
  • identifying information sources
  • searching the library catalog (LOIS)
  • using periodical databases to find articles
  • searching the Web
  • citing
  • avoiding plagiarism

Come to the Spring 2012 Flex Workshop on PILOT to learn how to use this tool in your class. 

For more information, contact Sue Chen at 650-2760.  (See Flex Schedule for time and location.)

Happy students


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