Your SCC Library is Growing by Electronic Leaps and Bounds

The library shelves are bursting with new books, if not literally (excuse the pun), then electronically.  Twenty-two thousand ebooks at last count, including 336 new titles in the Gale Virtual Reference Library.  Here’s how to find just one of them:

Do a keyword search in LOIS and limit the results to ebooks

Read the ebook online anywhere with your ID number and eservices password

You can find ebooks in the Los Rios online library catalog by searching for author, title, or keyword.  If you want only ebooks, you can limit your search by using the drop down menu on the LOIS search screen.  Ebooks in the Los Rios libraries are mainly academic titles that are readable on your laptop or PC.  If you are off campus, simply log in to the ebook with your ID number and eservices password.  (Find plenty of downloadable recreational reading in the Sacramento Public Library catalog.)

Though the Los Rios ebook collection doesn’t (yet) include regular textbooks, your students will find plenty of supplemental e-reading for your courses and assignments.  Ask your students to use an ebook for their research paper and see what they find.  What will you find?


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