Your (favorite book) Name Here

What have you read lately?  Blog about it here.  Maybe start a conversation.  If the book is in the SCC library, we’ll add the library location and call number.  We’ll add public library info., too.  Same goes for videos.

Add your authors and titles as a comment to this post.  Or write a review and email it to  We’ll make a new post out of it, complete with links and pictures.

Presto, you’re a published author!

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4 Responses to Your (favorite book) Name Here

  1. S. Osterholt says:

    Flowers for Algernon, Daniel Keyes
    Probably been high school since you read this one. With the advancements in medicine in the 40 years since publication, just imagine how befitting this subject matter is today. A beautifully written testament to the role of humanity in science.

  2. MAR says:

    This isn’t one I’ve read lately either, but I would put To Kill a Mockingbird near the top of my all time list. Came to mind with the thought about prejudice and discrimination, though it has other qualities, too. There are multiple copies of this book, a play version, critical work, and videos in the LRCCD library collections. You can find them all by doing a titles search in LOIS, the library catalog (

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