SCC Library and Information Technology Program ~ Graduates Step Out

On Friday May 11 at 7:00 pm in the SCC Student Center, the Sacramento City College Library and Information Technology Program will grant degrees and certificates to nineteen 2011-12 graduates of the LIBT program.

Congratulations to: Sarah Connelly, Kimberly Reid, Rocio Reyes, Lisa Andrade, Tsz Chun Chan, Unnur Karadottir-Wells, Timothy McNamara, Jasmin Turner, Erica Burdock-Telles, Sierra Campbell, Tsz Chun Chan, Rebecca Cunnington, Karl Neubuerger, April Nunez, Venessa Ricardez, Galina Rubets, Mallory Shaw, Erik Weber, Kay Wilson.

Graduation also serves as a reunion for former grads, and this year as a salute to Cathy Chenu-Campbell, Sandy Warmington and KD Proffit who will no longer be teaching in the program.  Contact LIBT Program Coordinator Pamela Posz for further information.

LIBT scholarship recipients 2012

Congratulations to Kimberly Reid and Ioana Ene, winners of the Terry and Penny Kastanis Library and Information Technology Scholarship. Left to Right – Penny Kastanis, Pamela Posz, Terry Kastanis, Kimberly Reid, Ioana Ene


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