Featuring ~ Instructional Media in the LRC

What can LRC Instructional Media folks do for you?

Faculty and staff can borrow…

  • A public address system, microphones and a mic stand
  • A portable movie screen
  • I-key digital recorders and MP3 converters
  • A full set of I-clicker classroom response system equipment
  • 4 different types of camcorders
  • A portable TV cart, tripods
  • A multimedia cart (projector, speakers, VHS/DVD combo unit)

DSPS- referred students can borrow…

  • Daisy readers for visually impairments
  • 3 different types of voice recorders

HCD pilot program students can borrow…

  • Chromebooks loaded with their textbook

Here’s some of the action for just the first week of school:

  • More than 2200 RT stickers issued to returning students, and many more new ID cards issued
  • 111 media items loaned or viewed
  • 180 LRC and DSPS equipment items loaned
  • Over 52 Chromebook loaned for a pilot HCD program

The Instructional Media and Academic Computing Department provides access to non-print library resources, audio-visual equipment, two computer labs, and an electronic classroom. Students must have a current Student Access Card to check out media materials. In order to use computer equipment, students must be enrolled in HS 1000 and agree to track each lab visit. Computer labs are available for academic purposes to currently enrolled students.


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