SCC WRITING CENTER Workshops for October 2012

Could your students be writing better essays?

Are they missing out on these FREE workshops?

  • The SCC Writing Center holds workshops that focus on brainstorming, planning, drafting, and revising essays.
  • The Writing Center also offers grammar, punctuation, editing, and timed writing workshops.
  • The workshops are designed to enhance students’ academic skills and confidence.

Here’s the schedule from the second week of October.  Watch your email for monthly updates.

Timed Writing
Monday, October 8, 5pm, LR 318

Writing a Paragraph
Tuesday, October 9, 10am, LR 318

Comma Rules
Wednesday, October 10, 3pm, LR 318

Editing for Clarity
Thursday, October 11, 10am, LR 318

Summarizing, Quoting, & Paraphrasing
Monday, October 15, 10am, LR 318

Subject Verb Agreement
Tuesday, October 16, 10am, LR 318

Timed Writing
Thursday, October 18, 2pm, LR 318

Editing for Clarity
Tuesday, October 23, 10am, LR 318

Integrating Sources
Wednesday, October 24, 12pm, LR 141

Timed Writing
Thursday, October 25, 10am, LR 318

MLA Citation
Monday, October 29, 5pm, LR 318

APA Citation
Tuesday, October 30, 2pm, LR 318


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