What the Heck Was the Title of that Book?

LOIS knows!*  Log into your record in the library catalog and opt in to the Reading History.  If you borrowed the book from the SCC Library, LOIS will store the book information in your personal list.  You can even export your list to a spreadsheet – via LOIS – if you want to share or save it.

*Reading History only works if you opt in, it is private to your eyes only, and you can opt out and erase the Reading History at any time.

How to Opt In to Your Reading History

Step 1: On the SCC Library home page, click LOIS.
Step 2: In LOIS, click My Record.
Step 3: Login with your W number and eservices password.
Step 4: Click My Reading History.
Step 5: Click Opt In.
Step 6: As you borrow books, they will be added to your list.


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