New Library Databases: History, Theatre, Crime, and More

We’re happy to say that the library has acquired a number of new full-text databases. These are available right now, along with descriptions, via the Research Databases page for you and your students to search.

The following changes have been made to EBSCO databases:

  • Our multidisciplinary periodical database, Academic Search Premier, has been upgraded to Academic Search Complete, providing more than 3,000 additional full-text journals.
  • Business Source Premier has been upgraded to Business Source Complete. This database includes more than 1,000 additional periodicals, along many more individual reports and SWOT analyses.
  • Literary Reference Center has been upgraded to Literary Reference Center Plus, with loads more full-text articles, books, and literary works.

We’ve also added a few EBSCOhost databases (you can probably guess the kind of content from their title):

In addition, for the current academic year our EBSCO eBook Collection includes about 80,000 additional ebooks. Unlike our other EBSCO ebooks, these can be viewed by an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

We no longer provide the following databases, which saw relatively little use at SCC: Alt Health-Watch, History Reference Center, and Vocational & Career Collection.

In addition, we managed to add two more JSTOR collections. A lot of people come from graduate school thinking of JSTOR as the go-to database for many topics; but it turns out that there are many levels of JSTOR subscriptions! Until this year we had only collections I and II. We have now added collections III and V, meaning that we now have access to such core journals as PMLA, Journal of Musicology, Journal of American Studies, and Religious Studies. If you’re doing research in the humanities or social sicences, be sure to search JSTOR. (Note, however, that JSTOR does not normally include the most recent 3-6 years of journal content.)

So many places to look; if only there were a single search box for all of them… Look for this in a future post.


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