Textbooks on Reserve: now easier to find

In the first few weeks of the semester, the library is flooded with students looking for their textbooks. We recently launched a new tool to make finding the call number of those textbooks a little easier.

Students can now fill out a form with any information they have about the class or the book and, we hope, quickly pull up the library catalog record, which will show them whether the book is available and provide them with the call number.

You’ll find a link to this page on the library home page (www.scc.losrios.edu/library), labeled “Find Your Textbooks.”

Take a look; can you find textbooks for your class?

Textbooks search page

For anyone following these developments: this new tool builds upon a previous change, in which we simplified the method of searching for reserves. In practice, though, we saw that many of the things we considered simple were far from foolproof; for example, searchers needed to know the correct department abbreviation and put a space between the department and the course number, or their searches would fail. This form makes such mistakes a lot harder to make.


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