Ten Facts about Your Textbooks!

  1. There are over 2000 volumes on the SCC Library reserve book shelves (including duplicate copies).
  2. The library doesn’t have all the current textbooks.
  3. The West Sac and Davis Centers have reserve textbook collections.
  4. You can donate a copy of your required textbook to library reserves.
  5. You can put print materials on electronic reserve.
  6. If you use D2L, you can link directly to library articles and ebooks.
  7. Basic college mathematics through applications : basic skills math, by Geoffrey Akst and Sadie Bragg has circulated 2656 times (total, all copies).
  8. Give me liberty! : an American history, by Eric Foner has circulated 1108 times.
  9. Total reserve textbook circulation for the first week of Fall semester is 3936.
  10. Surveyed students state that reserve textbooks help them succeed in school.
And a question:  Is your textbook on reserve?   Email reserve textbook requests to Yolanda Escobar.
How are reserve textbooks working for your students?

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