Open Textbooks = Student Success

February 21, 2014

New college textbook prices have risen 82% from 2002 to 2012 (GAO, 2013).  Textbook costs reduce student success when students take fewer courses, earn a lower grade or fail a course, or drop a course because they can’t afford the book.

College faculty are stepping up to reduce textbook barriers with high-quality open textbook publishing initiatives, described in this slideshare presentation.  Follow progress at SUNY, Rice, and University of Minnesota.

Have you considered or adopted an open access textbook at SCC?



Thank You for Sending Your Students to the Library!

January 28, 2014


WELCOME!  Start here.  Come back often.

Ten Facts about Your Textbooks!

September 5, 2013
  1. There are over 2000 volumes on the SCC Library reserve book shelves (including duplicate copies).
  2. The library doesn’t have all the current textbooks.
  3. The West Sac and Davis Centers have reserve textbook collections.
  4. You can donate a copy of your required textbook to library reserves.
  5. You can put print materials on electronic reserve.
  6. If you use D2L, you can link directly to library articles and ebooks.
  7. Basic college mathematics through applications : basic skills math, by Geoffrey Akst and Sadie Bragg has circulated 2656 times (total, all copies).
  8. Give me liberty! : an American history, by Eric Foner has circulated 1108 times.
  9. Total reserve textbook circulation for the first week of Fall semester is 3936.
  10. Surveyed students state that reserve textbooks help them succeed in school.
And a question:  Is your textbook on reserve?   Email reserve textbook requests to Yolanda Escobar.
How are reserve textbooks working for your students?

Textbooks on Reserve: now easier to find

January 30, 2013

In the first few weeks of the semester, the library is flooded with students looking for their textbooks. We recently launched a new tool to make finding the call number of those textbooks a little easier.

Students can now fill out a form with any information they have about the class or the book and, we hope, quickly pull up the library catalog record, which will show them whether the book is available and provide them with the call number.

You’ll find a link to this page on the library home page (, labeled “Find Your Textbooks.”

Take a look; can you find textbooks for your class?

Textbooks search page

For anyone following these developments: this new tool builds upon a previous change, in which we simplified the method of searching for reserves. In practice, though, we saw that many of the things we considered simple were far from foolproof; for example, searchers needed to know the correct department abbreviation and put a space between the department and the course number, or their searches would fail. This form makes such mistakes a lot harder to make.

Finding Your Textbook on Library Reserve

September 25, 2012

Does the SCC Library have your textbook on Reserve?

Many of your students have already discovered this quick search:

Reserves search

Calling All Call Numbers ~ Including Yours

August 31, 2012

Students go through 2 library lines to get their textbook, first to find the call number (not the same as ISBN) in the catalog and second to pick up the textbook at the circulation desk.

Instructors can put the textbook call number in the syllabus to save time.  Find your textbook’s call number in the library catalog with this simple search:

If you don’t find your textbook, take out your last name and try again.  Still not there?  Can you donate a copy?  If not, email Yolanda Escobar and ask the library to put a copy on reserve.  We stretch available dollars to buy as many textbooks as we can.  Sooner is better – best to let us know before the semester starts..

Help! is Available. Ask a Librarian!

August 31, 2012

Just so you know, you and your students can get all kinds of library help in all kinds of ways.  Hit the Library Help button on the SCC library home page to IM, text, chat, email, or phone us.  Ask questions on the Q&A link or follow the library Twitter feed.  We’re here to help during all library open hours.


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