Recommendation Letters – Tips for Students and Faculty

February 26, 2014

Students’ requests for letters of recommendation peak in spring semester.  Whether you’re a prof who’s written hundreds or a student requesting your first letter, here’s help for you:

In The Art of the College Recommendation Letter, Andrew Simmons encourages instructors to move past formulaic expressions and summaries of academic performance to produce letters that capture the students’ “real vibrant selves.”

Purdue’s OWL delivers extensive advice for faculty and counselors on accepting or refusing a request for a letter, formatting letters, avoiding clichés, and more.

‘Tis the Season for Letters of Recommendation by Librarian Pam Posz presents a thorough guide for students who are requesting letters of recommendation from instructors, employers, or mentors.

Pam also offers these Sample Letters of Recommendation.  Thank you, Pam!

Recommended stamp


Sac Public Library Comes to SCC!

September 26, 2013
  • Are your students interested in learning a new language or improving their English language skills?
  • Do you have students who need help with homework?
  • Do you know someone who needs help finding a job?
  • Do you need to find copies of the latest zombie books?

These are just a few of the services and programs offered by the Sacramento Public Library.

Sacramento Public Library logo

Pamela Posz (SCC Librarian) has invited Ann Owens and Jami Trawick to talk about services at Sacramento Public Library that are useful to SCC students, faculty and staff.

Please join us.  This session will be useful for faculty, students and staff.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 – 10-11am – LR 105.

Flex credit is available for this session.

Featuring ~ Instructional Media in the LRC

September 11, 2012

What can LRC Instructional Media folks do for you?

Faculty and staff can borrow…

  • A public address system, microphones and a mic stand
  • A portable movie screen
  • I-key digital recorders and MP3 converters
  • A full set of I-clicker classroom response system equipment
  • 4 different types of camcorders
  • A portable TV cart, tripods
  • A multimedia cart (projector, speakers, VHS/DVD combo unit)

DSPS- referred students can borrow…

  • Daisy readers for visually impairments
  • 3 different types of voice recorders

HCD pilot program students can borrow…

  • Chromebooks loaded with their textbook

Here’s some of the action for just the first week of school:

  • More than 2200 RT stickers issued to returning students, and many more new ID cards issued
  • 111 media items loaned or viewed
  • 180 LRC and DSPS equipment items loaned
  • Over 52 Chromebook loaned for a pilot HCD program

The Instructional Media and Academic Computing Department provides access to non-print library resources, audio-visual equipment, two computer labs, and an electronic classroom. Students must have a current Student Access Card to check out media materials. In order to use computer equipment, students must be enrolled in HS 1000 and agree to track each lab visit. Computer labs are available for academic purposes to currently enrolled students.

Let Homer Help You Prep for Spring Semester

December 8, 2011

Just for you, faithful Reader readers, an opportunity to embiggen your enjoyment of life in the classroom:  The Simpsons in the classroom : embiggening the learning experience with the wisdom of Springfield, by Karma Waltonen and Denise Du Vernay.   PN1992.77.S58 W35 2010

Hop over to the SCC library and find it in the third floor stacks.  First one gets it, but the SCC library (and other libraries on the district) have plenty more books on effective teaching and teacher effectiveness

.…”the book … provides helpful ways academics can use to connect with students in teaching otherwise foreign and difficult concepts from composition to critical thinking to linguistics… a perfectly cromulent introduction to the world of Simpsonology.” –Joseph J. Foy, editor of Homer Simpson Goes to Washington: American Politics through Popular Culture.

The Simpsons in the ClassroomQualities of Effective Teachers

At the Heart of Reflective Teaching

PILOT ~ A Tool for Student Success

December 1, 2011

Do you remember your first college research paper?  The anxiety?  The elusive topic that refused to be pinned down?  The endless hours you spent in the library hunting for relevant information? 

Anxious students

Your students are in the thick of it.  And the world of information that surrounds your students is much more complex than when you were in college.  That’s why the SCC library created PILOT.

PILOT (Path to Information Literacy Online Tutorial) is an online library tutorial that helps students learn the information literacy skills critical to their success.  Topics include:

  • choosing research topics
  • identifying information sources
  • searching the library catalog (LOIS)
  • using periodical databases to find articles
  • searching the Web
  • citing
  • avoiding plagiarism

Come to the Spring 2012 Flex Workshop on PILOT to learn how to use this tool in your class. 

For more information, contact Sue Chen at 650-2760.  (See Flex Schedule for time and location.)

Happy students

Are You Using E-Reserves?

October 14, 2010
E-Reserves are a means for instructors to give students access to electronic documents such as lecture notes, exams, assignments and articles or chapters.  Students search for E-Reserves the same way they search for print reserves in LOIS, the library catalog.  E-Reserves show a location of “SCC E-Reserves Online.”

Why do students love E-Reserves?

  • E-Reserves can be accessed anywhere through LOIS— at the library, at home, or on a phone!  (ID number and eservices password required.)
  • E-Reserves can be accessed again and again–never worry about losing the assignment sheet.
  • E-Reserves can be accessed when the library is closed–students often study late at night and on the weekend when the library is closed.

Why do instructors love E-Reserves?

  • E-Reserves save time–no need to print or photocopy many pages.
  • E-Reserves make students responsible–there’s no excuse for not having course documents.
  • E-Reserves help students succeed by making your course content more readily available.

Ready to use E-Reserves?

Information for faculty about using E-Reserves

Request to place material on E-Reserves

ereserves for Chemisty class

Do You Know Your Librarian?

September 27, 2010

Your SCC librarian would like to make a brief appearance at your department meeting to share updated information about library services.

Melvil Dewey

This is Melvil Dewey. He is not your librarian.

Find out about library instruction sessions, books and media, journal databases, library flex credit, and more.

We can answer your questions about library reserves and library assignments.  Your students will put this information right to work, and you will see the results in the quality of their assignments.

Librarian visits will fit your schedule, and we’ll take 5 to 10 minutes max.  Please contact your librarian today. We’ll get right back to you.

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