Student Ambassadors Rock the Library

January 27, 2012

SCC student ambassadors Vivian Bui, Joseph Crenshaw, Angelica Duran, Natalie Medina, Donald Peat, and Shinesh Prasad have made a powerful contribution to the early success of their peers these first 2 weeks, helping the new kids find call numbers for their textbooks, add courses with permission numbers, print from D2L, search for classroom locations, manage cranky copy machines, and change eservices passwords.  Then they brought brownies! It doesn’t get any better.

New students seemed especially happy to get help from their peers.  Brilliant program.

Sinesh fixes the printer

Shinesh fixes the printer with the wave of a hand.


The Library Has Your Textbook!

January 19, 2012

Does the library have your required text?  Now more than ever, the answer is a resounding , “YES!”  And it’s easier than ever to find your book in LOIS, the library catalog.  Sit back and relax as you enjoy an edutaining video, narrated by librarian Jeff Karlsen, showing just how easy it is to find your textbook in the library reserve collection.  Share the video with your students and post the textbook call number in your syllabus.  We thank you for your support!
How to find your textbooks in the library (YouTube video)

Got a question?  Ask a librarian.

Students Get Out of Line ~ With Your Help

September 6, 2011

Most students must go through 2 library lines to get their textbook, the first one to find the call number (not the same as ISBN) in the catalog and the second line to pick up the textbook at the circulation desk.

If you are able to put the call number for your textbook in your syllabus, your students can go directly to circ.  Here’s how:  Find your textbook in the library catalog by doing a keyword search for author’s last name and a couple of words from the title, e.g. martin gay beginning algebra.

LOIS search for reserve textbook

Hit enter.  The call number appears in the center column of the search results, e.g.: QA152.3 .M353 2009.

LOIS reserve search results

Here’s a video of the process:  Find textbooks (keyword search)

Textbook Tales

August 26, 2011

Welcome Back!

The big news in the library is not so new: Students need textbooks. Is your textbook on reserve?  If not, can you donate a copy to the reserve collection?

Are we imagining it or are more faculty choosing textbooks that cost less?  And is there a trend toward adopting open access textbooks and materials?  What are you doing to save your students’ cash?Open Access Textbooks

SCC Faculty: Save Your Students!

April 13, 2011

Students need these two types of library materials:

Reserve textbooks. Students borrow textbooks and course materials hundreds of times per day (8,323 times in March!)  You can help keep the reserve textbook collection up to date by donating your Summer and Fall 2011 textbooks now. Bring these textbooks to the library circulation desk on the second floor of the LRC.  Email Yolanda Escobar with your questions.

Books and DVDs that you would like the library to purchase for the general collection (not reserve textbooks). Students borrowed general library books 4,548 times and media 948 times in March!  You can help students find books and media on the topics you assign.  Email your department’s librarian now with your suggestions for curriculum-related books and media to add to the general collection.  You can donate these materials, too.

All of your book and media donations help stretch library funds.

(See the library catalog, LOIS, for books and media currently in the library collection.)Student doing homework

Welcome Back ~ to the LRC

January 24, 2011

You have enough to do right now, so we’ll list just a couple of brief reminders.

The SCC Library home page links to:

Library hours are a bit diminished, but we are here to help.  Call, email, text, or IM (during open hours).

Video on finding reserve books in LOIS

Video on finding reserve books in LOIS

Library Fix for Mid-Semester Research Blues

October 20, 2010

Are research headaches starting to clobber you and your students?   The library has many services to ease the pain.


Your students may not know what they can ask their librarians. We are here to help in any way we can.

For students:

Library help button
Chat, IM, text message, phone, email, or visit for Library help.

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